Insight on enemies and boss

Hey peeps,

Today we're going to post some pictures of the enemies and give you some insight on them and a special gif of the boss at the end (spoiler alert).


He loves walking around platforms and he isn't afraid of you.



Made out of slime, it will fall on you and it will kill you.


Light Chaser:

Flies around, searching for light. Not afraid of little boys.

Light Chaser


Spits toxic goo towards platforms. You won't wanna touch these for a while.


And finally,


Enduced by rage, he won't let you get back home. You'll have to give him a taste of his own medicine.


And now the gif of the boss dying. You'll want to keep the light on for this:

Boss death gif

Thanks for sticking around, we can't say thank you enough <3

Upside Down logging off... pshhhiuuuuu.

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