A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Introduction to Getting Back Home:

You got lost and sucked into a blackhole, find the way back with only a flashlight to help you. Be careful though, there are many obstacles ahead.

Game developed for 2D project in IPL, Portugal.

Install instructions

Download the game for the right platform, unzip the folder and then inside the folder you'll see the executable. Open that and you are ready to go.


Prototype Getting Back Home Windows 11 MB
Getting Back Home Windows 67 MB
Getting Back Home Mac 70 MB
Getting Back Home Linux 83 MB

Development log

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I Definitely Didnt make it back home, probably far from it. Any the game idea was great. the concept was even better. i havent yet to play a game like that. good job

Thanks very much! We are thankful that you made a video about our game, it helps us a lot seeing other people not involved in the development test things to see where the most difficulties are. Great to hear that you enjoyed the concept and the idea, even though you didn't make it back home and are now lost in the dark.


Great start on the game! Love the art direction, just think it needs some explanation of the game mechanics. Hope to see more in the future!

Thanks for the feedback, means a lot! We thought the mechanics would be self explanatory, but we appreciate the suggestion.